Audio recordings from Sabbath Services.

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"I Am Redeemed""I Am Redeemed"Stephen Farr, Jan 27, 2018
"Outreach Sabbath and Testimonies""Outreach Sabbath and Testimonies"Pastor Kevin McGill, Jan 20, 2018
"Growing Young""Growing Young"Pastor Kevin McGill, Jan 13, 2018
"He Will Change Your Name""He Will Change Your Name"Ati Patu, Jan 6, 2018
"Silent Night""Silent Night"Pastor Kevin McGill, Dec 16, 2017
"Legitimacy""Legitimacy"Pastor Kevin McGill, Dec 9, 2017
"Garment of Peace""Garment of Peace"Royce Nelson, Dec 2, 2017
"Thanksgiving""Thanksgiving"Pastor Kevin McGill, Nov 25, 2017
"Whose Side is God On?""Whose Side is God On?"Pastor Kevin McGill, Nov 11, 2017
"A Nation of Rights""A Nation of Rights"Greg Hamilton, Oct 21, 2017
"What I Don"What I Don't Like About Religion"Pastor Kevin McGill, Oct 14, 2017
"Storms""Storms"Bill Poole, Oct 7, 2017
"Married with Children""Married with Children"Pastor Kevin McGill, Sep 23, 2017
"Love and Marriage""Love and Marriage"Pastor Kevin McGill, Sep 16, 2017
"No Condemnation""No Condemnation"Pastor Kevin McGill, Sep 9, 2017
"Our Fight""Our Fight"Natasha McVay, Sep 2, 2017
"The View From the Top""The View From the Top"Katie Miner, Aug 26, 2017
"Ever Been Hit By a Mack?""Ever Been Hit By a Mack?"Andrew Phelps, Aug 12, 2017
"Talking to your kids about sex, abuse and other difficult topics""Talking to your kids about sex, abuse and other difficult topics"Richie & Timari Brower, Aug 10, 2017
"Priorities""Priorities"Andrew McCrary, Aug 5, 2017
"The Power of Choice""The Power of Choice"Reid McCrary, Jul 29, 2017
"A Bad Question""A Bad Question"Andrew Phelps, Jul 1, 2017
"Standing at the Crossroads""Standing at the Crossroads"Pastor Kevin McGill, Jun 24, 2017
"Two Men""Two Men"David Clark, Jun 10, 2017
"Stuck With Hope""Stuck With Hope"Pastor Ole Olesen, Jun 3, 2017
"Proposal""Proposal"Pastor Kevin McGill, May 27, 2017
"Belief""Belief"Pastor Kevin McGill, May 20, 2017
"Freedom in the Spirit""Freedom in the Spirit"Wayne Searson, May 6, 2017
"God With Us""God With Us"Reid McCrary, Apr 29, 2017
"Easter: Grace, Truth, Freedom and Growth""Easter: Grace, Truth, Freedom and Growth"Vonnie Olesen, Apr 15, 2017
"Are You Saved?""Are You Saved?"Kenny Campbell, Apr 1, 2017
Communion Homily- "The Flame From the Alter"Communion Homily- "The Flame From the Alter"Pastor Ole Olesen, Mar 25, 2017
"Hidden in the Spotlight""Hidden in the Spotlight"Natashia McVay, Mar 18, 2017
"Strike or Spare?""Strike or Spare?"Ron Parks, Mar 4, 2017
"Righteousness by Faith & the Latter Rain""Righteousness by Faith & the Latter Rain"Elder Dennis Parks, Feb 25, 2017
"Adventism 101""Adventism 101"Pastor Kevin McGill, Feb 18, 2017
"Tales From a Bone Bed""Tales From a Bone Bed"Elder Ole Olesen, Feb 11, 2017
"Stop Trying So Hard""Stop Trying So Hard"Emma Tucker, Feb 4, 2017
"Sweeter Than Honey""Sweeter Than Honey"Katie Miner, Jan 28, 2017
"Personal Testimony""Personal Testimony"Lidia Dice, Jan 21, 2017
"A Storm is Coming""A Storm is Coming"Otis Parks, Jan 14, 2017
"Change of New Challenges""Change of New Challenges"Kenny Campbell, Jan 7, 2017
"The Mercy Seat""The Mercy Seat"Pastor Ole Olesen, Dec 31, 2016
Christmas ProgramChristmas ProgramChurch Members, Dec 24, 2016
"How Shall We Remember?""How Shall We Remember?"Pastor Ole Olesen, Dec 17, 2016
"Judge of the Earth""Judge of the Earth"Pastor Ole Olesen, Dec 10, 2016
"Is Our God Nice?""Is Our God Nice?"Andrew Phelps, Dec 3, 2016
"Deep Water""Deep Water"Fran Crew, Nov 26, 2016
"Come Ye Thankful People""Come Ye Thankful People"Pastor Ole Olesen, Nov 19, 2016
"From Slave to Freeman""From Slave to Freeman"Pastor Ole Olesen, Nov 12, 2016
"Food for Thought""Food for Thought"Natashia McVay, Nov 5, 2016
"When Normal Disappears:7-6-5-4...""When Normal Disappears:7-6-5-4..."Pastor Ole Olesen, Oct 29, 2016
"According to Mark""According to Mark"Reid McCrary, Oct 22, 2016
"The Great Wedding Feast""The Great Wedding Feast"Pastor Ole Olesen, Oct 15, 2016
"Children"Children's Church"Troy Youth, Joshua Nelson & Gavin Orcutt, Oct 8, 2016
"Prayer""Prayer"Bill Poole, Oct 1, 2016
"Knowledge of Good and Evil""Knowledge of Good and Evil"Pastor Ole Olesen, Sep 24, 2016
"Three Angels""Three Angels"Pastor Ole Olesen, Sep 17, 2016
"God of Dreams""God of Dreams"Pastor Ole Olesen, Sep 10, 2016
"Dragon Toys""Dragon Toys"Pastor Ole Olesen, Aug 13, 2016
Personal TestimonyPersonal TestimonyLinda Elkins, Aug 6, 2016
"Seeking The Lost""Seeking The Lost"Reid McCrary, Jul 30, 2016
"Journey to Forgiveness:  The Joseph Story""Journey to Forgiveness: The Joseph Story"Pastor Ole Olesen, Jul 16, 2016
"The Words of a Father""The Words of a Father"Pastor Ole Olesen, Jun 18, 2016
"Who Are You Following?""Who Are You Following?"Garey Gantz, Jun 11, 2016
"What if...?""What if...?"Elder Andrew McCrary, Jun 4, 2016
"Glorious Ending""Glorious Ending"Pastor Ole Olesen, May 28, 2016
"Why Does It Take So Long?""Why Does It Take So Long?"Pastor Ole Olesen, May 14, 2016
Heirlooms, Keepsakes, Family Traditions, and the Spirit of ProphecyHeirlooms, Keepsakes, Family Traditions, and the Spirit of ProphecyThomas R. Knoll, Sr. , May 7, 2016
The Promised MessiahThe Promised MessiahReid McCrary, Apr 30, 2016
UntitledUntitledBeverly Thompson, Apr 23, 2016
"Exploring Eternal Life""Exploring Eternal Life"Pastor Ole Olesen, Apr 16, 2016
"Whispers of Hope""Whispers of Hope"Pastor Ole Olesen, Apr 9, 2016
"Are You Jesus?""Are You Jesus?"Patty Marsh, Apr 2, 2016
"Resurrection Standing""Resurrection Standing"Pastor Ole Olesen, Mar 26, 2016
"Playing with the Dead""Playing with the Dead"Pastor Ole Olesen, Mar 19, 2016
"Sabbath in Baghdad""Sabbath in Baghdad"Pastor Ole Olesen, Mar 12, 2016
"What"What's that Smell"Ron Parks, Mar 5, 2016
"The Lord is Hungry""The Lord is Hungry"Pastor Ole Olesen, Feb 21, 2016
"Have a Heart""Have a Heart"Pastor Ole Olesen, Feb 13, 2016
"Hidden Treasure""Hidden Treasure"Reid McCrary, Jan 31, 2016
"By Any Other Name""By Any Other Name"Pastor Ole Olesen/Lincoln Steed, Jan 28, 2016
Most Solid Place in the UniverseMost Solid Place in the UniversePastor Ole Olesen, Jan 16, 2016
Pray for What?Pray for What?Andrew Phelps, Jan 2, 2016